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Individual & Group Coverage: (800) 400-PCHP
Medicare Advantage: (877) 210-1719
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Prescription Drugs

Piedmont Community Health Plan and Piedmont Community HealthCare prescription drug benefits are administered by CVS/Caremark, one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the country. To find out the exact drug formulary for your group plan, simply click on the below link button and you will be taken to the official CVS/Caremark Website. Once you register you will be able to login and accomplish a variety of online tasks including:

  • Check for the closest CVS/Caremark pharmacy with contact info. and maps
  • Access fast and convenient mail service for new prescriptions and online refills
  • Check drug costs to find information about drug pricing and coverage
  • View prescription history or search your prescription drug list
  • Find drug information or check interaction
  • Find health information, articles, interactive tools and calculators
  • You can also call them at 800-552-8159  


2020 Piedmont Small Group Rx Drug Formulary   Effective 1/1/2020

2019 Piedmont Small Group Rx Drug Formulary   Effective 12/01/2019


2020 Piedmont Large Group Rx Drug Formulary   Effective 1/1/20

2019 Piedmont Large Group Rx Drug Formulary



Whether you are new to the online pharmacy or already a registered user, CVS/Caremark will help you get the most from your prescription benefits, explore ways to save on out-of-pocket prescription costs, and find the latest information on your health and prescription medicines.


Would you like to save money and time?  Then consider ordering your covered prescriptions for maintenance medications through Piedmont Community Health Plan’s mail order pharmacy benefit.  Maintenance medications are medications that are used over a long period of time, like cholesterol, high blood pressure, and thyroid medications.  Antibiotics or other medications prescribed for acute illnesses are not maintenance medications since they are usually prescribed for short periods of time. 

A 90-day supply can usually save you an additional pharmacy co-pay instead of getting three 30-day supplies.  CVS/Caremark will still fill a mail order 90-day supply request if you prefer.  Just CLICK HERE to go to their site.  Or, to take advantage of the Piedmont "walk-in" 90-day supply benefit just go to any pharmacy that currently fills 30-day supply prescriptions.

CLICK HERE to print out a Caremark mail-order form.

For Piedmont members with "Specialty Drug" needs, CLICK HERE for information on the CVS/Caremark Specialty Drug Program.